Overview: Modobay is a web-based platform for realtors, interior designers and home builders. Users can create virtual tours using photos from 360 cameras , property website listings, flyers and brochures. Modobay also offers local photography and design services. 

Role: Lead UX/UI Designer

Background and preparation
Since VR is relatively new in the market, I found websites that offered users to share their spherical photos. The two sites that come close to this project is Round.me and Holobuilder. Other sites promoted real estate VR, but only offered to create the tours instead of giving the user a DIY option.  



I was tasked to create the layout of the Explore page and the VR tour builder (Modo Builder) based on Material Design.

Modo Builder

Modo Builder

Explore Page

The task here was to create a page that shows all the latest uploads where users can view, like, save and share virtual tours via social media or websites. The initial concept started with only one column and it was changed to infinite scroll with a row of 3 and 3 columns. In a recent update, I structured the new layout that would fill up the page with large images. By the end of 2016, we introduced a filter feature where users can view either "editor's picks" (default) and all recent uploads. View

3x3 Layout

New explore page

Current explore page w/ filter option

 Modo Builder

The Modo Builder is a web-based editor that allows users to upload spherical photos or videos to create a virtual tour.  In addition, users can drag and drop navigational icons on 360 photos and videos. 

Uploaded spherical photo on left panel and right panel to add nav/info icons.

Dragged nav icon on spherical photo

Current Modobuilder

Viewing tours

Viewers can like, share and leave comments for each tours. The virtual tours can be viewed via headset and desktop.

Viewing spherical photo and nav on left panel

Share, add, and like buttons on right panel

Single Property Website Builder

Modobay includes a website builder for realtors to publish online. These are the templates that I've created for users to choose from.
All templates are one-page and require sections for about, features, virtual tour, photo gallery, map and contact. 


Modals when users publish their virtual tour or website.


You can view more work for Modobay such as the homepage and other landing pages below.