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January 2019



I’m an American photographer and filmmaker based in San Francisco California. Over the past 5 years, I have continued to grow my work to attract a community of creatives as well as travelers and fashion enthusiast. The main platform for my content is on Instagram and additional content goes to my website and YouTube channel. With a growing community on Instagram, I am focused on connecting with brands and businesses to deliver high-quality content that continues to inspire, educate and drive creativity.


My Instagram has grown from travel to fashion which puts me a in a niche between the two. Today, it’s continually attracting a community of travelers, photographers and people of the fashion world.

Year 2019
Reach: 4,082
Impressions: 17,372


A small growing channel that showcases high-quality travel and look book fashion videos.

Year 2018
Watch Time (Minutes): 1,549
Views: 2,461


My portfolio also serves as a channel to inspire a community who is interested in seeing my body of work and my journey as a creative.

Year 2018
Unique Visitors: 1,967 (+90.8% yr/yr)
Visits: 2,027 (+43.3% yr/yr)
Pageviews: 4,120 (+.08% yr/yr)


Social Media Demographic (updated jan. 2019)

I have built my main audience through Instagram for the past 5+ years. The median age group lies between ages 18-34. These people are young creatives, enthusiast, hobbyist, travelers and working professionals. I have a nationwide reach from the west coast to east coast of United States as well as a global reach in Europe and Asia.



  • Male: 60%

  • Female: 40%


13-17 : 3%

18-24 : 32%

25-34 : 37%

35-44 : 16%

45-54 : 7%

55-64 : 3%

65+ : 2%


  • United States

  • United Kingdom

  • Philippines

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Japan


  • San Francisco

  • San Jose

  • New York

  • Los Angeles

  • Singapore



Fashion / Lifestyle content

Not too long ago, I stepped into portrait photography and have pushed my direction into fashion and lifestyle in mid 2018. I have produced a number of fashion lookbooks/cinematic portraits and have built a library of portrait work that I share with my audience.



Travel Content

Before I started introducing portraits and fashion into my Instagram, the main community who are heavily invested into my work are travelers and travel photographers. I was able to travel to SE Asia to Europe and create quality travel photo and video content that inspires travel, education and creativity.


Previous Brand Collaborations


Let’s Work Together!


I am open to partnering and working with businesses and brands for big or small campaigns. I would like to take on briefs that continue to educate, inspire and drive creativity on my platform.

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