Moodboard 2019

I’m currently building my portfolio that focuses on creating video mocks for fashion brands that can sell looks.

I’m also open to creating visual portraits that has a strong emphasis on a model’s personality while still making it a fashion film.

I want to cover different type of styles for different industries from street wear, fitness, to high fashion brands.

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on instagram.

Fashion film inspo

I’d like to film my videos in a similar direction.

You can also refer to my own videos of my filming style.

City + Studio shoot

90’s modern lookbook


Jewelry focused

Neon 90s vibe

Blogger lookbook


Artist/Musician interview + Brand Collab

Cinemagraph video

Lookbook w/ a strong emphasis on emotion and personality


Studio Lookbook


Street wear

Studio + VHS Effect. Mostly handheld

Art studio location

Dance video

Travel Blogger Lookbook

Styling Inspo

The Everyday Outfit

Coats, Jean Jackets, Knee Rips, Ripped Jeans, Converse, Vans, Basic tops, shirts, oversize wear, and long sleeves.
90s & 80s w/ a modern twist.


For hair & Makeup

Very minimal.

I want these to be more personal in a way you’d do your own hair and makeup.

Refer to the Tom Mitchell films above.

Open to collab with hair and makeup, but not needed.

Styling Inspo

Spring/summer look

Dresses - Sweaters - Long - Loose


For hair & Makeup


Open to collab with hair and makeup, but not needed.

Pose Inspo

Everyday outfit and summer/spring look post inspo.



Covered faces, awkward gestures and environmental interaction.



Capturing movement in environmental settings.


Retro Anime

Portraits based on 80s/90s Japanese Anime.


Brand Inspo

ZARA | Anthropologie | Vans | Madewell | UNIQLO | Topshop | Dollskill | Any high fashion brands

Shoot Locations

All shoot locations are outdoors. Minimal Crowd. Lots of environmental space to shoot in. Public restrooms are available for changing.

For collabs, I’m open to split rent on a Peerspace (per hour max).

China Town, San Francisco

Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Sutro Baths, San Francisco

Mt. Davidson, San Francisco

Fort Mason, San Francisco

Presidio, San Francisco

Marshall’s Beach, San Francisco

Byxby Park, Palo Alto

Alviso Park, San Jose

Coyote Hills, Fremont

FAQs and Other info

Can we work what’s in fashion?

Open to work with what’s currently in fashion for companies like ZARA/Urban Outfitters. Refer to their websites to see what’s the latest.

Do you thrift?

Open to work with thrifted finds.

How many looks?

I’m open to work up to 3 outfits. 5 Maximum.

No shadowing in my projects.

I will not work if there are secondary photographers or filmmakers in my shoots. I’m currently not inviting other creators to my shoot to shadow me.

Under 18?

Please bring a guardian. I will not work with models who are under age without a guardian.

Assistants are welcome.

1 assistant is welcome to help with model’s wardrobe, hair or makeup. Please no photogs/filmmakers posing as assistants.

Can someone film BTS?

I can do that or I’ll bring someone to do it.