Santa Cruz

Davenport, California

Yesterday, we went down to Davenport and explored it with @pjcanaveral.  During my college years, I'd always go down to Santa Cruz since it's a 40min drive away from San Jose. I'm not so sure how I missed this place back in the day.

Santa Cruz = College beach parties, bonfires, beach bumming, thrift shopping, hiking, and Marianne's Ice Cream. We have the coldest beaches up here, but we Californians still enjoy the hell out of it. Out of all the times I've been down there, I missed this place. I even went to Wilder State Ranch, Panther Beach (where I almost died), and some other beach down there. 

Davenport Pier is easy to get to, but once you're there you'll have to scale down the cliff. And for Shark Fin cove, it's just a walk in the park. These places are no secret, you can look it up on Google Maps.


Art is not a Crime

Art is not a Crime

The IG photo that everyone takes

The IG photo that everyone takes

PJ testing out his new A7II

PJ testing out his new A7II


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Inspire: PJ Canaveral

I feel honored to inspire people like my friend PJ to pick up his first camera and start shooting. I know getting into photography can be intimidating at first, but we all know that we start from somewhere. We all learn as we go and its ok to embrace our failures in order for us to grow. 

We got a couple of adventures lined up and it's always fun to bring people to explore new spaces and places we've been before. 

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Location: Santa Cruz, CA

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