No Cuts No Glory with Dang Nguyen

I took a spontaneously trip to Chicago to see what's good out there and it's definitely one of my favorite cities in the US. It's one of those cities where you say that you'd go back even when you're still there. 

I got there at 6AM on a red eye flight and took a short cat nap and ate some pizza right after. A few days before my arrival, I hit up a local barber, Dang, on the gram to see if he could give me a cut. I knew it was last minute and it was never really going to happen because I didn't want him to mess up his schedule. When I arrived to Chicago, he made it happen and hooked it up.

How did we even connect in the first place? We were following each other on the gram and even played a couple rounds of Battlefield 1 on the Playstation Network before meeting each other. And with the gram, it so much easier to connect with like-minded and passionate people worldwide.

Dang has always been cutting people’s hair and he’s dam good at it. And while he gave me a cut, he shared me his story. It’s one of those stories where someone got a degree in something, tried career surfing and they just didn’t feel fulfilled. While he did all those, he always fell back into what he loved doing which is barbering. And this is where he’s at now.

Do what makes you happy right?

No Cuts No Glory