Davenport Shoot with Mio

Last Saturday, I was invited to shoot with @pjcanaveral at Davenport. I was told we were suppose to shoot a total of four models, instead, we worked with two.

Not knowing how we'd coordinate, it quickly became a 1 on 1 shoot. I initiated with Mio since the other two were shooting together. As always, it is important for me connect with the person that I am shooting with and I'm very happy that I got to know her while we explore and shoot at the coast of Davenport. 

To give you guys a quick summary, Mio is an international student from Tokyo and is currently studying nutrition. She's been here for a year and from what I learned, she loves California and wants to stay. I, on the other hand, would love to stay in Tokyo. At the end of the day, we met up with her friends who are also international students from Japan and ate at a Thai restaurant. It always amazes me to be surrounded by people of different backgrounds and just hearing them speak Japanese makes me want to continue learning the language.

I love how most of my photos turned out and it's one of my favorite shoots to date.