Berlin Travel and Fashion Blogger: Alice M Huynh

I remember following Alice on Instagram before she even took notice of my account. Like many content creators out there, her focus is on fashion and travel. If you've seen my work throughout this website, you'll probably notice that some of the work that I've done is inspired by her (especially my videos).

Back in November, I met up with her and I was surprised that she even messaged me to meet up. With her surpassing 18k+ followers, what are my chances? She is sponsored by high fashion brands and even travel companies. What girl would meet a stranger from Instagram? I'm not IG famous nor am I an influencer on IG. My following count is below average and I didn't really post frequently at that time. But I do know she enjoyed my work

We met up early in the morning and strolled through the hills and ended up in the Tenderloin district. I shot some portraits of her and we shared our stories. I can't believe we didn't even get food or coffee. While we walked up and down hills, she shared her story with me on how she started blogging and getting partnered with brands. Since she's been blogging for years, you'll eventually get notice and companies will come to you. I am pretty sure she has a good network in the area of fashion and travel as well. She even told me that Germany barely started to pick up on bloggers and influencers. All in all, her decade old blog opened doors for her and she is content with the brands that she partners with. Who wouldn't?

I'm glad I got to meet her and I got to know her outside the world of Instagram. I like that we both share a passion for travel and photography and I hope that someday I join her in one of her travels.
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