Sutro Baths Shoot with Dasha

Last Friday, I got to meet Dasha for a photo shoot at Sutro Baths. And surprisingly, it was her first time. Dasha is originally from Ukraine and she's only been in The Bay Area for 9 months. She started modeling last year and she has been working with brands and helping her husband with his work. Back in Ukraine, she did wedding photography, but she may never get back into it. And what's surprising to me is that she obtained her Masters in accounting and that she won't be pursuing anything accounting related in the US. Since she's still settling here, she wants to work on things that best fits her interests. Her transition to the US means a new life. Starting over. Taking risks. Pursuing a dream. And living life with a purpose.  

I really enjoyed our conversations and sharing our stories with each other. And if I can share real stories with another, then that means I'm your friend. Whenever I shoot or meet people in general, it's truly valuable to me to get to know the person and I believe it goes the same vice versa. 

Model: @dashaneith
Gear: Fujifilm X-T1, XF 35mm, XF 23mm, XF56mm