Exploring Chinatown with Jeddie

Earlier this year, I was going to shoot Jeddie and she would've been the 2nd person to work with. It didn't happen until later this year. I'm kinda glad that it did. As someone who is jumping into the world of portraiture, I think it was the perfect time. Jeddie worked with other people in the past and she was a natural. Shot after shot, I was completely blown away. Each shot I took were damn good! But it was not only about that, but creating a great bond with someone you've never met before. It made the shoot go smoothly and fun for the both of us. I've done shoots in the past and know that I'll never work with that person again. Sad, but true. Part of shooting portraits is that I do like/want to build a real and genuine relationship with people. I grew up being an introvert and still am, but photography has got me outside of my comfort zone where it allowed to me grow.

For this shoot, I recently upgraded to the Fujifilm X-T2 and used the XF 56mm and XF 23mm lens. I had fun during this shoot and I'm glad she was down to explore China Town with me even when I had no idea where to go. Anyways, make shooting fun by exploring places.


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