Enter Seoul

After a 12 hour flight, we landed safely in Incheon at about 730PM. I would definitely recommend Singapore Airlines if you ever wander off in Asia. Right after we picked up our luggage, we headed to the Hanjin Express counter to pick up my pocket wifi and it turned out they didn't have my package and gave me someone elses. We spent almost a good hour with the employees waiting for them to give me a device, but they kept digging around. I was lucky enough to pick up airport wifi and have my friend Kristine who resides in Korea to speak with them. Our time was greatly wasted and I was hoping to check in a little bit earlier. Like Japan, we were able to take the last express train back to Seoul.

Much like Hong Kong, we needed to adapt to subway lines. South Korea uses the T-Money card that enables riders to scan their card to pay for fares. You can buy these cards at a local convenience store. Another tip is to download the Subway Korea app on your phone to see the schedule and fares of the trains. Plus, Google maps isn't friendly because each stop shown on the app is in Korean. Therefore, you'll need to find a map plastered on the wall for directions. Nonetheless, the app was much better in helping me know where to step off or transfer.


Our hotel was right in the center of Myeong Dong and we had the opportunity to visit Namdaemun market at night.

On our first few hours, we were greeted with so much art and a lively night life even if most of the shops were closed.