A Beautiful Escape

Traveling has opened my eyes and it made me more curious about this world we live in. Ever since my experience in Japan in 2014, all I could think about is travel. Traveling is not always about relaxing, but it's the time where I can open my mind, to better myself, and experience things that I've never experienced before. 

Last year, I got the opportunity to revisit Japan and the Philippines. I even got to squeeze in Hong Kong in the Fall. Every opportunity I can get to travel is the time for me to explore and experience new cultures, people, spaces, and even delicious food. These moments are simply hard to forget and I've taken photos to keep those moments close to me and to share stories for visitors (like you).

We can live in our comfort zones, but I believe it's best to escape it. The fear of stepping out of your comfort zone will prevent from experiencing new things. Like travel. Grab a partner or go solo. Your escape will change you for the better.

When you come back home, you'll notice that everything is still the same, but the only thing that changed is you. 

Traveling is a beautiful escape.