About Me

I’m a Bay Area native who was a former product designer/operations manager turned photographer and videographer. I started my career as a digital marketing specialist then I transitioned into product design focusing on improving and creating digital products. Outside of work, I found a creative outlet in shooting photos and filming videos and eventually figured it was something that I could do more than just a hobby. It started from traveling the world and sharing my voice. Then the medium allowed me to connect with people from online to offline. Then it took me to the lifestyle and fashion community where I’m working with artists, dancers, models, creative entrepreneurs and more.

Random Facts

Got my bachelors in art education.
Loves to travel.
Visited Japan every year since 2014.
Loves to dance.
Video games are my guilty pleasure.


Looking for talent?

Open to temp, part-time or project based roles.

Partnerships Or Collaboration

Open to projects and campaigns.


booking photography and video work for 2019

Photography | Videography | Video Editing Services



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